Transition to Salesforce

How to Transition to Salesforce (like a boss)

Eloise RobertsEloise is the Practice Director for Change & Training at Simplus Australia. Eloise has a long history working in the Change Management and training space. From managing lightning experience upgrades to global multi-cloud transformations she has quite literally seen it all. Eloise continues to mentor businesses on the tools and levers that drive accelerated user adoption and translating what successful change management means for them.


Infographic: How to transition to Salesforce (like a boss)

Transitioning to Salesforce might seem like a huge mountain to climb – getting your people on board, training them up and, frankly, just working out what to click on. But if you start with the basics, you’ll be facing a teeny-tiny molehill in less than no time. Here’s our best advice to get you started, so you can make the most of everything Salesforce has to offer. 


How to transition to Salesforce
How to transition to Salesforce
How to transition to Salesforce









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