Buttonclick Admin

ButtonClick Admin: No code? No problem!

ButtonClick Admin Proves You Don’t Need To Know Code to Use Salesforce.

In its early stages, ButtonClick Admin was a fledgling podcast hosted by Mike Gerholdt, Salesforce admin, evangelist, and a ButtonClick expert, along with other Salesforce admins that had a passion for the exciting capabilities of ButtonClick. Now, Mike has an entire website dedicated to creating podcasts all about the ButtonClick Admin and can be done without coding.

buttonclickLOGOhorizontal-300x100_ttuinrThe idea of a ButtonClick Admin revolves around solving problems with clicks, not code. Mike and the rest of the ButtonClick Admin team offers solutions that can be done with no coding knowledge; allowing you to code at the click of a button (thus the name “ButtonClick”). They prove it’s possible for the average Salesforce user to create and build in the platform with drag-and-drop features.

ButtonClick has become a foundation of functionality within Salesforce. But what’s so great about it, and what can I do with it?


What is so great about ButtonClick?

The most important benefit of ButtonClick is that you don’t have to rely heavily on an IT team to gather, collect, or modify information. At the click of a button, you can manage your team and data without any outside support. Also, a fully customized solution can be opened five times faster using Salesforce’s ButtonClick than by using other development technologies.

As with most people, we want answers fast so we can get on with our projects. Using ButtonClick gives you a faster prototyping and deployment of your software, which gives your customers a better appreciation of how your app will look when it is completed. Best of all, a ButtonClick Admin doesn’t use as much custom code as other software programs and, therefore, provides you with a simpler solution with fewer bugs to fix and less frustration. Your custom solution can be adapted easily to fit different challenges or needs within your company, and it allows more freedom from software vendors.


What can you do with ButtonClick?

The real question is, what can’t you do with ButtonClick? There are hundreds of features you can use in Salesforce with ButtonClick because 70%–80% of the functionality within Salesforce is accessed by using “clicks” rather than code. Here are just a few of the things you can do with button clicking:

  • Modify page layouts
  • Add additional fields
  • Create automations
  • Schedule reports
  • Build reports
  • Custom build apps

The list goes on. You can master the basics and even the more advanced with button clicking, and you don’t have to be a trained coder to do them.

Finally, Salesforce provides you with a single platform for all the needs of your business, which requires constant organization and coding to make sure all your data doesn’t bleed together. ButtonClick coding prevents the organization from getting too complicated, thus keeping difficult integration processes to a minimum.


So, tell the IT staff to take an early lunch. Salesforce ButtonClick features allow you to code without being a coder. Actions, such as modifying, building, and scheduling reports, building custom apps, and creating automations are a virtual snap — all at the click of a button. ButtonClick, that is.

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