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Simplus’ Chris Gardner: How to ace your consultant interview

Simplus’ Chris Gardner, Director of Solution Services, doubles as Salesforce Chris: your friendly, go-to guru for all things Salesforce—with 22 certifications (and counting) to prove it. Chris recently shared four crucial tips for aspiring Salesforce consultants on how to ace interview day. Catch our summary below or read the whole article (and many more) here at the Salesforce Chris site.

1.Refresh your portfolio prior to the interview

“Organize your portfolio so you can look at your previous projects and extract which tools you used, how long the project lasted, what your learning outcomes were, and how you would improve the process if you had to do it again,” says Chris.

2. Ask about the interview format

“While a good consultant should be able to adapt to any interview format, it never hurts to find out in advance what you’ll be expected to do,” says Chris. “At the very least, it will help you be more calm. Or it may allow you some time to refresh on technical topics before an assessment.”

3. Be prepared for common questions

“When asked about handling a difficult situation, don’t sugar coat things too much,” says Chris. “Consultants are frequently faced with difficult situations and clients. Your employer expects that you have experienced these items, and wants to understand how you react to them.”

4. Relate to the company’s bottom line

“Understand what the business cares about, and you could prove yourself as a valuable asset before your Salesforce consultant interview has even concluded,” says Chris.

Think Simplus could be the perfect place for you to not only prove but further your Salesforce skills? Apply for our open positions today!

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