3 ways digital transformation makes manufacturers customer-centric

by Tom Lovell

The industrial sector at large is worth almost a trillion dollars, according to McKinsey. And the manufacturing enterprise specifically is estimated to have a general revenue increase of three percent and a 15 percent reduction to overall sales costs in the coming years. In short, the opportunity in the manufacturing industry is large. 

And it’s no wonder the value of the industry is rising: CIOs prioritize growth and market share expansion above all else, according to Gartner. But it’s that second CIO priority that really enables this radical growth: digital transformation. The common problem manufacturers face when approaching digital transformation is going from a traditional product-focused strategy to a more customer-center one. For manufacturers, customers include both the external buyer and the internal employee, because with a fear of an aging workforce looming large, manufacturers need to appeal to a younger talent pool who—much like the buyers—are expecting streamlined, digital processes. 

Here are three major areas where a digital transformation initiative can implement those digital processes and turn manufacturing challenges into customer-focused moneymakers:


Marketing capabilities to expand whitespace opportunities

Salesforce is crucial for manufacturers looking to grow business and understand their customers better. Most manufacturers have a finite number of customers, so using marketing capabilities to expand opportunity with those customers is of the utmost importance. The marketing capabilities of Salesforce are second to none and allow manufacturers to…



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tom lovellTom is Industry Lead here at Simplus. For over 15 years, Tom has helped companies implement data and process-driven strategies to bridge the gap between business and IT. These strategies have improved patient outcomes, reduced financial risk, and improved operational efficiency in healthcare organizations while bringing to bear streamlined costs, reduced risk, and improved revenue at manufacturers. His passion is architecting and sharing practical solutions that deliver valuable results for customers.

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