Glassdoor: Coolest startups to work for now

Simplus was recently recognized on a list of the “15 of the Coolest Startups to Work For Now” by Glassdoor! We’re thrilled to be among this group of up and coming companies with incredible cultures. And, best of all, we have open positions all over the world—so you can join us from anywhere!

This isn’t the first time Simplus has been noticed for an amazing culture; in 2017 we were recognized by DevMountain as one of the Coolest Tech Companies to Work for, by Comparably for award-winning culture, outlook, and teams, and by Entrepreneur as a Top Company Culture. This year, we’ve been recognized again by Comparably for Best Company Managers, with additional recognitions for culture by InsightsSuccess and Lotus Culture Awards.

Glassdoor’s list of coolest startups to work for is based on headcount growth and the reviews and ratings left by our very own employees. We have grown to over 300 employees in just a few years thanks to our vibrant and collaborative culture, and we have no plans on slowing down. Read more about our exciting plans for continued growth and brand new headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Convinced you want to join the Simplus rocketship? Find a list of our open positions here, and check out the complete article by Glassdoor here.

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