Michael Christensen - My Vetforce Story

Michael Christensen – My Salesforce Military Story

Position at Simplus:

Associate Consultant


Experience in Salesforce:

1 year


Military Job:

Aviation Ordinance Technician


How did you discover Salesforce?

I was introduced to Salesforce by Chris Gardner.


How did (are) you train(ing) to become Salesforce Certified?

Through the Simplus Bootcamp


What is your #salesforcemilitaryvictory story into Simplus?

I was made aware of Salesforce Military by a family member that works for Simplus. I started reading through comments and success stories from other Salesforce Military members and became really interested in this career path that was helping other veterans. When I realized there was so much training available through Trailhead I started to learn everything I could about Salesforce. This interaction and training gave me a great base of knowledge that has helped me to succeed in the Simplus bootcamp.


How has Salesforce Military made an impact on your life?

Finding Salesforce Military and interacting with other members has helped guide me to an excellent new career opportunity. 


What does the Salesforce Military community mean to you?

It is a support network for veterans on both a professional and personal level.


What advice do you have for new Salesforce Military members?

Make connections with people.


What are some career-oriented goals you have?

Become certified, get into development. Long-term: Technical Architect Certification.  


What are some personal (non-career) goals you have?

Travel for fun more.


Personal interests/hobbies:

Woodworking, weightlifting

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