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New to Salesforce? No problem

Implementing a quality CRM solution is the future of enterprise business, but taking the leap into such a new technology can be intimidating for many organizations. Anvil, an engineering and procurement service provider focused on oil and energy, approached Simplus with this exact concern. And Simplus delivered.

Having never used CRM before and desiring a more automated, streamlined workflow for its sales process, Anvil asked Simplus to implement Salesforce Sales Cloud with basic functionality: opportunity tracking, workflow management, and more core features. Simplus took less than three months to develop and deploy the solution, which included a custom activity tracker object for Anvil as well as contract management. This created a new 360-degree view of the customer for Anvil, and Simplus ensured the new technology would take off well by providing a complete Salesforce training program to the organization. Success simplified? Check.




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