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Simplus’ Ryan Northington featured on Forbes expert panel

Simplus’ VP of North American Delivery, Ryan Northington, was recently featured on a Forbes expert panel covering lessons learned from acquisitions.

Having completed seven successful acquisitions in just the past three years, the entire Simplus team is well-versed in integration best practices, negotiation priorities, and welcoming new resources into a unified company culture. Ryan Northington’s expertise and thought leadership have been proven throughout these acquisitions, and we’re thrilled to see his insight featured on this Forbes panel. Check out the full article here!

“During the due diligence process, it’s really important to spend a little extra time figuring out some vision of the long-term plan for the people you are acquiring. This is especially true if you are trying to retain the founders. Having them hold a leadership position that’s worthy of their skills should be a collaborative process that happens before a definitive agreement is signed.” – Ryan Northington, Simplus


Read more about our acquisitions from 2019 and international expansion into Australia, England, and Ireland:

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