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Salesforce 101 — Lesson #4: Community Cloud

It’s no secret that happy employees have a great ROI for a company. In fact, it’s been shown that happy employees are 12 percent more productive than those who are dissatisfied in their roles. On top of that, companies that place effort into ensuring employee satisfaction are likely to enjoy increased retention rates, greater innovation, and easier recruitment. That’s why Salesforce has developed Community Cloud, a platform that helps build community and create happier employees. 

It seems like a no-brainer to invest in your employees, but how exactly does one do that? While ping pong tables and catered lunches can help, focusing on onboarding, HR, and office support can have a more significant impact on your employees. Community Cloud enables you to do that by defining your community, eliminating frustrations, encouraging communications, and improve employee relationships. 


Your Salesforce Community 

Your Salesforce Community can be defined as everyone in your organization working towards a common cause. To help you achieve that, Community Cloud allows you to build platforms specific to each community, whether that be customers or employees. If your goal is to help people quickly access information, you can tailor your platform to that. By allowing users to share content in one place easily, Community Cloud builds a network for employees that can become an essential part of their success. Salesforce can also pull data from Community Cloud, and data from Salesforce can easily be shared on the platform. Community Cloud gives employees all the tools they need in one convenient and integrated place.  


Eliminate frustration

It seems like there can be an endless number of programs and software in a company.  This can be pretty frustrating when you are trying to locate something quickly. Fortunately, Community Cloud can be a one-stop-shop for company support. Rather than having IT requests and HR tools spread across multiple platforms, Community Cloud allows you to place all of your resources in one place. Employees can go to one place to post HR inquiries, create IT tickets, and request workplace services. You can even add an integrated recruiting tool that lets your employees refer friends and contacts to your open positions.

Community Cloud also simplifies the onboarding process. According to a Gallup study, only 12 percent of employees think their company effectively onboards new employees. Since onboarding is the first experience new-hires have with a company, it can set the stage for employee satisfaction. To simplify the process, developers can compile all onboarding material and corporate education onto one intranet platform, reducing frustrations.  Helping your employees get started on the right foot will put them on the path to becoming happy and productive in the long run.  


Encourage communication

Community Cloud can help foster communication and support across departments.  The number of remote workers has grown 44 percent over the last five years. While remote work is beneficial for most, it can also make it challenging to communicate across departments. Community Cloud social intranet provides a go-to place to ask questions and facilitate collaboration on projects. It allows employees to build connections with each other through easy and open communication channels. It’s been shown that enabling employees to engage with each other results in 24 percent less turnover each year. Giving employees a clear community channel allows them to build networks and manage projects better. 


Build your relationships

Building employee relations may not seem like something you can tackle in Salesforce, but it’s actually a great way to do so. By utilizing Community Cloud, you can improve your employee relationships through simplifying processes and providing channels or better communication. Community Cloud is an easy way to make sure your employees have everything they need to be supported and successful. 

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