Salesforce 101 — Lesson #1: Trailhead

Learning Salesforce can feel like a lot, especially if you’ve never used a CRM before. While the platform can look less than user-friendly, it’s actually easy for anyone (yes, anyone!) to learn. Salesforce has created Trailhead, a fun and engaging way to get familiar with the platform and help you on your way to becoming a Salesforce administrator. No matter where you’re at on your CRM journey, Trailhead can help you master Salesforce and streamline your business processes. 

So how does one get started on Trailhead? It’s as easy as signing up. Trailhead is free and doesn’t limit content if you don’t have a Salesforce account. But before you get started on your Trailhead journey, let’s break down how it works, the time commitment, and what you can expect to learn. 


How it works

Trailhead puts you on the right path to learning key components of Salesforce. It starts with beginner topics like Salesforce basics or lessons on becoming a developer. The lessons build on each other, allowing you to progress from beginning to advanced topics overtime. The best part? You can pick where you begin. If you already have an understanding of Salesforce, you can start with more complex topics and set off on your own trail. In fact, it has 175 different trails you can choose from. Ranging from Admin Beginner to Einstein Discovery, Trailhead can be as simple or as advanced as you want it to be. Now that you understand what Trailhead offers, let’s dive into how it works.   

Trailhead is broken down into three parts: trails, modules, and units. Trails create a path for you to learn a specific Salesforce feature. Each trail is then broken down into modules that make the topic more manageable and outline what you’ll be covering. Units breakdown the module even further and have an interactive quiz or challenge that helps solidify what you’ve learned. After completing the challenge, points are earned that add up and allow you to check off the module. Once you’ve mastered all the modules, you earn your badge and can move onto a new trail. As you can see, Trailhead is designed to make learning Salesforce manageable and not an information overload. 


Playgrounds aren’t just for kids

Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to Salesforce. Luckily, Trailhead makes it easy to practice what you’re learning with Playground. Playground is an interactive program built into Trailhead that allows users to implement what they’ve learned in the module. Just like real playgrounds, this program lets you “play around” with Salesforce features. The best part? It’s risk-free. Playground offers a safe learning environment where you can try your hand at new skills without the worry of impacting your company. As you get more advanced, you’ll even get to incorporate apps and components from AppExchange into your Playground. When it comes to Salesforce, the more practice, the better.   


How long will it take?

How long Trailhead takes depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Trailheads are designed to give you the most information in the shortest amount of time. Less complicated trails average two to three hours, while harder topics can take six to eight hours. If you’re just trying to get a basic understanding of Salesforce, Trailhead will have you there in no time. If you’re interested in mastering advanced trails, plan on dedicating a few more hours to each module. But don’t worry—the time investment pays off. The average salary for jobs requiring Salesforce skills is $70k and goes up if you’re a developer.  No matter what your goal is with Trailhead, anytime spent learning will benefit you — and your company — in the long-run. 


The big picture

Trailhead is a great tool that helps you understand and implement Salesforce. With clearly defined trails and manageable modules, Trailhead helps you breakdown the platform and learn the skills you want to learn. While it takes time and practice, your knowledge of Salesforce and its integrated services is well worth the investment. There’s never a bad time to learn something new, so why not try Trailhead? Happy learning!



This is the first installment of a new Simplues series: Salesforce 101. Join us each week for more insights on Salesforce basics and to build a foundational knowledge of CRM!

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