Salesforce 101 — Lesson #6: Salesforce Mobile

It may not seem like you can have complete access to your CRM from a mobile device, but that’s not the case. Salesforce offers a seamless on-the-go experience with Salesforce Mobile, an app that allows teams to access and update information from their smartphones or tablets. With an increase in remote and traveling workers, providing access to your CRM from any location is crucial to ensuring productivity and ROI. With its efficient platform and intuitive UX design, Salesforce Mobile is easy to use, has everything you need (and more!), and will help connect your teams and company. 


The best of Salesforce, gone mobile 

Salesforce Mobile took Salesforce’s best features and adapted them to a mobile-friendly format. If you’re worried about navigating Salesforce on a mobile device, don’t. The mobile interface mirrors the desktop experience. Users can also customize dashboards and the navigation menu, providing clear paths to records and features. And the best part? Accessing the mobile platform is easy. Users simply have to download the app to their Android or iOS device and sign in using their Salesforce credentials. 


Benefits of a mobile CRM

In the fourth quarter of 2019 alone, mobile devices generated more than 52 percent of all online traffic. A mobile CRM can help you keep up with the increase in online traffic no matter where you are. For remote workers, it can help keep them better connected to business operations. With the number of remote workers increasing 44 percent over the past five years, ensuring that remote employees are integrated into your CRM is more important than ever. 

A mobile CRM is also extremely beneficial for those who travel for business. With 62 percent of Americans traveling for work each year, having on-the-go access to Salesforce can increase these professionals’ productivity. In fact, it’s been shown that enabling employees to use mobile devices can lead to a 240 hour increase in work. If you’re planning on expanding your company, allowing employees to stay connected while traveling can help cut productivity loss. 


Exclusive features

Salesforce Mobile also comes with exclusive features that help employees utilize the platform. If you’re an iOS user, the app is integrated with Siri and facial recognition, providing easy access to secure data and appointment calendars. Einstein Analytics on mobile has developed voice assistance, enabling users to take notes and update records easily. Trailhead has also gone mobile with Trailhead GO. This means employees can learn new Salesforce skills anytime and anywhere. 


Never miss a beat 

Salesforce Mobile puts the power of a CRM in your pocket. By allowing you to access data and make decisions regardless of your location, Salesforce ensures that you won’t ever miss a beat. In an increasingly mobile world, Salesforce Mobile ensures that you can connect with and adapt to mobile users. Get more out of remote workers, layovers, and Salesforce in general by encouraging your organization to utilize Salesforce Mobile.

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