Salesforce 101 — Lesson #2: Beyond the sales department

Salesforce is correlated with sales since it is commonly used to store customer data and manage pipelines. While Salesforce’s CRM capabilities do help sales teams, they’re not the only department that can use the platform. Salesforce can be expanded to improve every part of a company and only requires one platform to do so. 

What other departments can benefit from Salesforce? The answer: all of them. Salesforce’s integrated services and AppExchange allows users to tailor the platform to their specific needs. Let’s take a closer look at what services Salesforce offers and which departments can benefit from them. 


Human resources 

Human Resources (HR) is notoriously busy. As a contact point for every employee in a company, they are often overwhelmed with requests. HR also has to deal with a variety of software and programs as they manage one of the businesses’ most valuable assets—people. Salesforce has simplified the process by developing the Customer 360 Platform. This platform allows HR to handle everything from onboarding to productivity metrics in one place. With AppExchange, HR teams can pick and choose what apps they want rather than having a standard download. It can also help streamline your intranet, giving employees a single destination for HR resources. You can also take your HR apps onto the Salesforce mobile app, making it easy for HR to manage on the go. Given all these features, Salesforce can help lighten the HR workload.  



Finance may not seem like a sector that could benefit from Salesforce. In reality, Salesforce’s financial capabilities help finance professionals in any virtually any industry. The finance apps from AppExchange help automate manual processes such as invoices and expense reports. Salesforce also has the Financial Services Cloud that focuses on wealth management using CRM.  Salesforce for finance helps you spend less time on manual tasks and more time focusing on returns. 



Salesforce can be a marketer’s best friend when it comes to integrating platforms and creating marketing solutions. In fact, it’s been shown that using Salesforce for marketing increases your ROI by 25 percent. Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud provides integrated marketing tools that help marketers at every consumer touchpoint. Features like Social Studio create content for social accounts as well as respond to comments and provide customer support. Other features like Datorama help you track data and KPI’s. The Marketing Cloud combines these and other features to help you curate a customer experience across all of your channels. Ultimately, it enables marketers to take their marketing to the next level without the need for multiple platforms. 

One of the most versatile programs of the Marketing Cloud is Pardot. Pardot is a marketing automation platform that allows organizations to track and measure their campaigns and personalize content across a variety of users. Through features like dynamic content, marketers can automatically personalize emails and landing pages for customers who fall under specific criteria. On top of that, it tracks triggers such as click and opens so that you can better adapt your campaigns. Pardot allows you to understand the customer journey so that you can effectively reach your target audience. 


Salesforce is for everyone

Salesforce has evolved over time to expand its service to almost every branch of a company. Rather than have a different platform for each department, you can consolidate into one saving time, energy, and money. If you’re currently spread across a variety of SaaS programs, you might want to consider using Salesforce. 

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