Salesforce Lightning Experience: are you ready?

Salesforce Lightning Experience Is Here. But What Does That Mean For Your Business?

If you’ve been following Salesforce¬†news at all, you’re probably well aware that Salesforce Lightning Experience is here. It was pushed out with the Winter ’16 release of Salesforce. To help everyone stay up-to-date on what Lightning Experience (LE) is, we’ve hosted a webinar and created a simple infographic. Our hope is that this information will allow you to determine if the Lightning Experience is right for your business.

Lightning Experience brings a lot of powerful functionality to Salesforce. It allows teams to work faster and more efficiently than ever before; however, not everything carries over smoothly.

If you’re curious about Lightning and would like to learn more, here are a few resources we hope will help you.

  • Lightning Experience Webinar: We hosted a 40 minute webinar that goes over some of the key changes LE brings. The webinar also highlights some of the new Lightning features. To view the webinar, please click here.


  • Lightning Experience Slides: If you have viewed our webinar, or prefer to read at your own pace, we’ve made the slides that were used for our webinar available for download here.


  • Lightning vs Classic Infographic:¬†This small graphic highlights some of the key points for Lightning Experience and Classic. You can download your free copy here.


We’re super excited about the Lightning Experience. For the right businesses, Lightning will offer awesome functionality and increased efficiency. We will continue to post more content, guides, tips/tricks, etc. as we go. Follow the Simplus blog to stay up-to-date with all things Salesforce.

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