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Find the Opportunity in ASC606 and IFRS 15

The new Revenue Recognition standard is coming. Are you ready?

Presented by: Simplus

Solve the pain of revenue recognition compliance and prime your systems for future growth and scalability. See how a modern revenue management system can help you:

  • Ensure compliance with ASC 606 and IFRS 15
  • Support multiple business scenarios
  • Process multi-element arrangements efficiently
  • Automate recognition calculations and allocations
  • Gain complete revenue and forecasting visibility


Understanding Change Management

Succeed in your implementation by developing a robust change management program that leverages people, process, and technology. 

Presented by: Carlos Montejo, Director of Advisory Services

Change is difficult. Learn how to drive program adoption and organizational behavior through the correct touch points:

  • Are stakeholders aligned?
  • Is your communication plan in place?
  • How are you communicating your training plan?
  • Are you measuring your adoption via defined metrics?
  • What are the barriers to change?
  • What is your organization’s readiness?


Successful CPQ Adoption

Make sure adoption is considered from the beginning. 

Presented by: Simplus

It is never too early to be considering adoption in the CPQ process. In fact, finishing with successful CPQ adoption is making sure that it is considered from the beginning. During this webinar, CPQ experts Shane Anastasi and Gilles Muys will discuss the following:

  • Adopting from the outset and the impact of failing to adopt
  • Streamlining for ease of use and compliance in the design stage
  • Preparing the organization for change during the build stage
  • Using the test stage to start generating materials and hype
  • Providing ideas for rollout
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